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7 Tips to Prepare your Company for Professional Painting in San Diego, California

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Repainting your business in San Diego California can be a tough task even when working with a professional painting contractor. Generally, reviving the image of your company requires a lot of creative thinking and brainstorming. You have to think about the colors, the finish, the budget, finding a professional painter and preparing for the actual project.

Preparing for commercial painters requires meticulous preparation and planning. In this article, we thought we share some tips on how to prepare your business for an upcoming commercial painting project to ensure minimum interruption and the best results. Read on…

1.    Create a list.

This is essentially a list that includes all the work and processes that need to be done as well as areas that need to be painting. If your business has been painted before, note down what you liked or didn’t like about the previous painter and your estimated budget for the project.

2.    Have repairs done in advance.

Most painting contractors will charge you per hour, and with that in mind, you want to minimize all the possible obstacles that will have them spending more time on the project. One of the best ways to do this is by inspecting your facility to see if there’re any repairs that need to be done and have them handled before the painter comes in.

If there are any areas of paint that have failed beyond regular cleaning, scrapping, and hand sanding, ask the painter if any work must be done beforehand. More specially, situations such as extensive structural damage, rotted wood, fire damage, mold, and water damage can cause major problems and painting over them won’t resolve the potential issues. Such repairs can be done better by a different third-party contractor.

3.    Put your colors together

Have a general idea of both the interior and exterior colors that you want to apply to your walls and fixtures. Chances are you already have company colors in mind, but if not, you can get inspiration from your neighboring businesses and commercial buildings. Some painting contractors offer free color consultation, which you can take advantage of. 

4.    Search for the best San Diego commercial painters

Painting a commercial building or a business, in general, can be a complex project. For you get the best results, you need to hire a professional contractor with skills and sufficient experience in commercial painting. They should have what it takes to quickly and expertly prepare, repair and paint any exterior or interior surface.

A great painting contractor knows what materials, primer, and paint to use and how to apply coats to make them durable. Additionally, they will give you accurate cost estimates and timelines for your project, allowing you to plan everything in detail to avoid major disruptions.     

5.     Inform and prepare your employees.

Painting a business can be quite disruptive, so if you’re planning to paint both the exterior and interior wall, inform your employees in good time. This will allow them sufficient time to reschedule or complete certain tasks. Take this chance to inform your neighbors in case they may want to take precaution to prevent dust from getting into their living spaces. 

6.     Prepare the exterior

Your exterior needs to be ready for work when the painters come in. Good preparation means that painting will proceed faster. Some of the things you can do in advance include trimming back the landscape, checking exterior power outlets and setting aside an area where painters can leave their materials and tools.

7.     Prepare the interior.

While painters usually remove all the equipment and furniture, you can take care of smaller and fragile items such as pictures, electronic devices, and glassware to avoid damages. You can remove things like curtains as well and make sure that windows open properly. 

Painting projects can get messy with stains and spills, so you need to protect your office equipment and furniture including printers, computers, carpets, documents and window furnishings before the projects begin. Put all your valuables in a safe room.

Bonus tip: Discuss health and safety issues.

Commercial painting companies in San Diego, California have strict safety guidelines and procedures in place. Your preferred painting contractor will willingly provide details about insurance, license, and warranty. They will also be more than happy to take you through the products they use and safety training programs in place.

As usual, if you need any help with painting your business or commercial building, hit us up and let help you get your project done.


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