Ron Rice Painting & Consulting is well-versed in commercial painting, both interior and exterior. Whether your building is 5,000 or 500,000 square feet, we have the solutions and capacity to handle your project and deliver the best results at the right cost.

Commercial Painting Is Different than Residential Painting

We’re not saying house painting is not important; far from it. But painting a commercial property involves more planning and coordination. Most businesses can’t just shut down during a painting project. Business operations must proceed regardless of the project.

Ron Rice Painting & Consulting understands the importance of minimizing disruptions while we paint your commercial property. We are respectful of those around us and do our best to keep employees and visitors protected from the painting area. We are extra cautious to prevent injuries and accidents, keeping our materials and tools confined to a specific storage area. 

Flexibility is also a critical factor in commercial painting. Sometimes, painting simply can’t be done during normal business hours. Would you want us painting next to you as you eat your dinner in a restaurant? Or while you’re in a doctor’s waiting room? Commercial painting projects can require the painters to work outside of the business’s normal working hours. 

Another difference between residential and commercial paint projects is the volume of people and activities ongoing during the project. If the project is being done during normal business hours, it’s important for contractors to be considerate of those factors and work around them. Communication between the crew leader and the business manager is critical to a smooth-running project.

Our Commercial Painting Process

Because of the larger scale and possibility of disruption, close coordination is needed between our crew leader and the business contact. Before we start, we will work with you to determine the best schedule that works for your business operations. We’ll then continue our normal process below, always making sure to get approval from you.

Project Setup

We’ll set up a shop area that’s located out of the way of traffic where we’ll store our tools and materials. The area will be clean and organized before we leave the premises each day. We then cover furnishings, floors, landscaping, and other items with cloths, plastic, and rosin protect them from paint drips and spills.


Whether we are painting the interior or exterior of your commercial building, we will prep the surfaces accordingly. 

Interior Painting:

  • Sanding all rough surfaces, doors, door frames, trim, and walls, as needed
  • Caulking all cracks and gaps between wood trim and walls
  • Patching all holes or damaged areas in walls prior to painting
  • Puttying, or filling all holes, in woodwork and trim
  • Priming all surfaces as necessary with appropriate types of primers

Exterior Painting:

  • Power wash with a professional-grade power washer
  • Mask or cover all areas that will not be painted 
  • Patch all holes and repair damage to exterior trim, doors, door frames
  • Caulk all cracks and gaps between wood trim and walls
  • Scrape off any loose paint and rust on metal in order 
  • Prime all surfaces as necessary


We will use the appropriate types and finishes of paint for the surface to be painted. Interior paint for commercial buildings should be of a finish that resists dirt and heavy traffic. Exterior paint should protect the building from the weather and present an attractive facade for the business. 


Cleaning up during and after a paint project is very important, especially for commercial buildings. Employees, customers, and visitors need to be able to traverse in and around the building without hazardous objects or materials in the way. Before we leave the premises each day, we will place all materials and tools in our shop area, neatly organized. When the entire project is completed, you’ll never know we’d been there, except for the fresh paint job!

Get Your Commercial Property Painted by the Pros

Ron Rice Painting & Consulting has decades of experience painting commercial properties in the San Diego County area. We would love to have a chance to be your professional painting contractor.