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Tips for Painting Kitchen Cabinets in a Two-Tone Finish

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Two-toned kitchen cabinets are a fairly popular kitchen cabinet trend that most homeowners are adopting in San Diego, California. Every homeowner who desires to improve their kitchen will always consider painting the kitchen cabinets with the latest paint color trends. So if you want to jump onto the two-toned kitchen cabinet bandwagon, we’ve got some tips for you. 

Here you go;

1.    Choose a focal point.

Most homeowners differentiate their design style by choosing the most attractive point on the cabinets and considering it as the main point of focus. In most cases, a kitchen island is the most preferred because of the catchy framework. A space planning application is a vital tool that can help you understand how several colors look attractive from different perspectives within the room. After choosing you focal point on you cabinets, the next step is to select colors that will enhance you point of focus and make it stand out.  

2.    Don’t Be Limited To Painting Only 

If you do not necessarily fancy dark, bold colors, you can always achieve a two-tone effect using other materials. The best option is to use two separate materials when refinishing your cabinet, for instance, wooden finish and laminate for a modern look that amplifies the general appearance of the room. That’s what we call mix and match design that has inspired many successful painters. Begin with your personal design as you research more on the materials that are commonly used in the mix and match cabinet painting design. This will ensure that your final product exceeds your expectations.

3.    Paint the Cabinet Base with a Dark Color

Painting a dark shade on the bottom of your cabinet while applying lighter shade on the top can enhance the overall attractiveness of your kitchen cabinet two-tone design. Using a bold color on the base will make your design stand out with a unique design. Similarly, applying lighter paint at the top of the cabinets will help draw the attention of the eye upward. Depending on your choice of the trend, you can combine any bold color and any light color for all your painting in the room. Besides trending, this will create uniformity and harmony in the room.

4.    Use White Color as a Neutral Link between Two Colors

For the best design on the kitchen cabinet, white color is the preferred choice for a third color in a two-tone cabinet work of art. You could paint your cabinet tops white to create a balance between two of main color choices.

5.    Make Every Effort to Attain Color Balance

When painting two-tone cabinets, it is important to be keen on the color balance in your room. Instead of selecting two distinct colors, you can vary the tone using one color. If you are using distinct colors, you should take into account their intensity. Remember, you need to balance bold colors with neutral shades so that their call for attention doesn’t overwhelm other colors.

6.    Keep all the elements coordinated

Which color and design you come up with for your painting your kitchen cabinets in two tones, always ensure that each one of your cabinets has some sort of coordinating element. Remember, when you have two distinct looks in the same space, it’s crucial to include a few details that will make it clear that they belong together.

You can try out different ways to keep things coordinated, for instance, you can use colors from the same pellet for both the upper and lower cabinets. Basically, consider using two different shades of the same color as your equalizer. Should you choose to go with completely distinct colors, then perhaps you should consider using the same finish for all cabinets to keep things coordinated.

Having the most attractive kitchen cabinet design is not a new venture, but what most people are looking for is how they can stand out from the rest. The two-toned kitchen cabinet finish is here to stay and no one can run away from the reality it has created in interior design. Take the above tips for painting kitchen cabinets in a two-tone finish as your design inspiration to create a look that blends with your individual preference.


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