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Residential Painting San Diego: Do I Need a Paint Color Consultant?

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Whether you’re doing interior or exterior painting in San Diego, picking the right paint color can be a tricky process. With virtually unlimited paint color options out there, choosing a perfect scheme for your home can be both exciting and overwhelming. But should you hire a residential color consultant for help?

 Sometimes, you could be unsure of which paint color will bring out the best image of your home. Other times, it could be that your household members have varying opinions and ideas about which color scheme is the best.

 Whichever the case, the color you choose for your home will be around for some years. If you or someone in your home doesn’t like the idea, you could be facing long years of indifference. Working with a color consultant can offer professional and objective 3rd party paint color advice that will boost your home’s aesthetic appeal and overall value. Below is a detailed look at why you should hire a color consultant.

 Benefits of Hiring a Paint Color Consultant

 They Save You Time and Money

 Going through paint color fan decks and chats, and doing fabric swatches can burn up a lot of your time. Also, foraging through Pinterest boards and online decorating inspiration tools can be quite overwhelming, espeically if you don’t have experience working with residential paint colors.

 Working with a color consultant will save you a lot of time because they already have numerous possible color combinations at hand for your type of home. They will help you narrow down your options within the first meeting and then come up with the best color scheme in the follow-up meeting.

 Buying color samples every time to perform test swatches can end up being costly, especially if you’re going through the wrong colors. Additionally, if you hire a painting contractor to repaint your home only to notice the color is not quite what you hoped for, changing that can be expensive. A paint color consultant can help you avoid such costly mistakes.

 Objective Third-Party Advice

If you can’t seem to agree on the best color combinations to use, a color consultant can be an objective third party that won’t take sides. They will find creative ways to combine your favorite colors into a palette that will bring the best out of your home. Your color consultant may suggest a neutral color palette that will incorporate each of your color choices as an accent. Alternatively, they can recommend a brighter or more muted version of your colors to help everything flow together in your color scheme.

 They Have the Expertise You Need

Paint color consultants advise home and property owners about color and decoration ideas for a living. They’ve probably worked with hundreds of other clients and projects that resemble yours. Besides, they know all the residential paint color trends and market preferences. An experienced consultant will work hard to blend your personal color preferences into the current paint color trends for a beautiful outcome. If you’re planning to sell your home any time soon, you need a color consultant.

 The Bottom Line

Your house is probably one of your biggest investments so far. Having it repainted and decorated in the right colors will not only boost its aesthetic appeal but also increase its value. If you’re planning to sell your home soon, the right paint scheme can attract more potential buyers and help you sell your home faster, at a higher price.

If you need comprehensive color consultation for your next home painting and decoration project, Ron Rice Painting can help. We offer color consultation along with residential and commercial painting services in San Diego. To give us a try, call us on 619-208-4482.  

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