La Mesa Painter

La Mesa Painter

When you’re looking to have your house or business painted in La Mesa, you want a painter who is reputable, trustworthy, and gives you a quality job and good service. Ron Rice Painting & Consulting fits the bill!

Ron Rice Painting has skilled technicians who are painting experts. They know the techniques and processes that work to provide the best results. You won’t regret hiring them to paint the interior or exterior of your home or commercial building.

Why Hire Professional Painters?

You may be tempted to try to save a few dollars by painting yourself. But there are several reasons why you should let a professional paint your La Mesa property.

1. Time

If you’re like most people, you have very little time to spare. Between your full-time job, caring for the family and home, and doing things you actually enjoy, there’s not much time left. Why spend it painting? A professional painter can paint it more quickly and efficiently than you can.

2. Quality

You may have done painting before and you might do a decent job. But can you really match the expertise of a professional? We know the techniques needed to produce a smooth and long-lasting finish. 

3. Supplies

Professional painters have the materials and tools needed to paint your La Mesa home or business. Their estimates usually include the cost of the paint as well as the labor. Most amateurs will need to buy everything they need for the job. Then it will need to be stored afterward, until the next paint job, whenever that might occur.

4. Disruption

Do-it-yourself painters usually paint when they have spare time. That could mean that the project drags on for weeks. Your home or business will be in a state of chaos much longer. Professional painters are there to paint and that’s it. They paint full-time while they are there and finish the job much more quickly.

5. Liability

Accidents can happen anywhere, including on a paint job. This is especially true for exterior paint jobs or commercial buildings with multiple stories. Climbing on ladders and maneuvering around cluttered spaces can result in trips and falls, causing injury. Licensed and bonded professional painters are covered by insurance for these incidents. Amateurs will be liable for any injury or damages that occur. 

Quality Painting Services in La Mesa

When you decide you’re better off hiring a professional painter, you need to make sure you a reputable company. Ron Rice Painting & Consulting provides outstanding results and exemplary customer service to all our clients in La Mesa.

Services we excel in include:

  • Residential interior and exterior painting

  • Commercial interior and exterior painting

  • Cabinet Painting

  • Expert Color Consultations

Ron Rice Painting & Consulting knows that quality results depend on proper preparation. We never skip on making sure every surface is smooth and free of imperfections before we pick up the paintbrush or roller. 

Choose the painting professionals that know their business. Ron Rice Painting & Consulting has been providing La Mesa homeowners and business owners with high-quality painting since 2001. Give us a call today for a free estimate on your next paint project.

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