Office Painting

Office buildings have unique requirements when it comes to painting them. They are usually busy Monday through Friday, so painting during that time can be quite disruptive. Painters must be considerate of the ongoing operations or work outside of normal business hours. At Ron Rice Painting & Consulting, we understand the need for flexibility. We can adjust our schedule to meet the needs of every office manager.

Benefits of Repainting Your Office 

People working in an office environment usually sit at a desk in front of a computer. They may be surrounded by cubicles or enclosed by walls. Sometimes they need a little boost to their morale and a change of scenery to improve their outlook. 

It may surprise you to realize that the overall look of the office can affect employee productivity. Coming to work in an office that’s dull and drab, with paint fading or peeling can bring morale down. 

Updating your office space with fresh paint can enhance the look and feel of your office. It lets employees and customers know that you care how the environment affects them. Choosing the right paint colors can even improve energy and productivity. 

Our Office Painting Process

We use the same process to paint offices as we do on other commercial paint projects. We start by collaborating with you to establish a schedule that works for you and those in the office. Whether we do the painting during normal business hours, at night, or over a weekend, we will respect your property keep it clean and uncluttered.

Project Setup

We will place all our tools and equipment in a designated area, ideally in a space that is out of the way of everyday traffic. We will cover all furnishings, flooring, and office equipment to protect them from accidental damage or spills while painting.


Proper and thorough prep is key to getting a long-lasting quality finish. We will repair any cracks or holes, sand surfaces smooth, and apply primer, as needed.


We will use the appropriate types and finishes of paint for the surface to be painted. There can be different needs depending on the types of rooms being painted. For example, the restrooms or break room will likely need a semi-gloss finish to withstand cleaning, while a flat finish will hide blemishes on the walls in the office areas.


We clean up the area every day before we leave and tidy up our shop area. After the project is complete, we will remove all our tools and materials and clean up any debris. 

Hire the Reputable Professional Painters to Paint Your Office Building

When you need a company to paint your office, count on Ron Rice Painting & Consulting to get the job done. We have a great track record, with stellar reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp. We’d love to provide you with a free estimate for your office painting project. 

"Excellent professional service!!  I have used them several times to come in and paint office space.  Ron comes out to give me a quote, we get the work scheduled and they come to do the work on the weekend.  I come back to my office space with freshly painted walls that are clean and precise!  No need to have someone on-site to handhold!  A BIG bonus for me :)"

- Kimberly M.

“Ron and his crew have been such a pleasure to work with. We have used them several times for our residential home, rental home, as well as our business office. Quotes are very competitive and always arrived at the job with smiles.  Thank you RRPC!”

- Theresa M.

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