Professional Painter in El Cajon

Professional Painter in El Cajon

Painting is a profession that requires skill and experience. Whether it’s residential or commercial, the end result will show the quality between an amateur and a professional paint job. That’s why it’s best to trust your El Cajon home or business to the experts at Ron Rice Painting and Consulting.

Is There a Difference between Residential and Commercial Painting?

Ron Rice does both residential and commercial painting in El Cajon, including interior and exterior painting. While the concept of painting any building is similar, there are important differences that should be noted. Below are just a few.

  • Project Size. A commercial paint project is usually larger in scope. Residential painting is for a single house, condo or townhouse. Commercial buildings could span a small office or a larger retail complex. 

  • Duration. The size of the project translates into the length of time the project will last. So residential painting projects can usually be completed in a few days, while larger commercial projects can span weeks.

  • Number of Painters. One or two painters are usually sufficient for a residential project, while a larger crew is needed for the larger commercial buildings.

  • Scheduling. Of course, we work with El Cajon homeowners to determine their preferred timeline, but it’s even more critical for commercial projects. Business operations normally cannot halt during a paint project, so it is sometimes necessary to paint during off-hours, like evenings or weekends.

Make Sure You Hire the Right Painter for the Job

Don’t make the mistake of presuming that any professional paint contractor can paint both residential and commercial entities in El Cajon. Some specialize in one or the other. 

Ron Rice Painting has the expertise to do both residential and commercial painting and provide high quality results. Our trained and skilled painters know the techniques and have the materials for any painting project in El Cajon. Whether you need the interior or exterior of the building painted, we use the same careful preparation to ensure the finish is smooth and perfect.

Expert Cabinet Painting in El Cajon

Do the cabinets in your El Cajon kitchen look dated? Are they dull, scratched, or dirty? Would you like to change the color scheme? Have you thought of replacing them, but don’t want that expense? We have a solution–hire us to paint those cabinets instead! 

Not all painting contractors are experts in cabinet painting. Nor is it recommended as a DIY project. Painting cabinets is a tedious job that requires careful preparation and attention to detail. There are steps that must be followed or you’ll end up with them looking worse than before. 

Ron Rice Painting follows a stringent process for painting cabinets that ensures the best outcome. And just like with all our paint projects, we will do our best to minimize disruption in your El Cajon home during the project. When we’re done, the only thing that proves we were there are your brand-new-looking cabinets. And, we’ll come back to touch them up if they ever need it.

Trust the Local El Cajon Professional Painter

No matter if you’re a homeowner or property manager, you can trust Ron Rice Painting and Consulting to paint your property, inside and out. Give us a call today to discuss your next paint project.

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