San Diego Painter

San Diego Painter

If you’re looking for a quality painting company in San Diego, choose Ron Rice Painting & Consulting. We’ve been in business since 2001, serving satisfied customers needing both commercial and residential painting.

Painting Services We Offer

We offer a full range of painting services for both residential and commercial clients. Our services include:

Residential House Painting

If you own a home in San Diego, you know the importance of maintaining it. Regular painting is part of home maintenance, and probably the most economical way to update its look. We paint both the interior and exterior of homes with the utmost care and precision. We are also expert professional cabinet painters.

Interior: We take great care to set up a workspace that protects the areas of your San Diego home not being painted. We protect floors and furnishings by covering them with drop cloths, plastic, and rosin paper.

Preparation is the key to a successful paint job. Before we even open that paint can, there are tasks to complete. We take the time to properly prepare every surface by performing the necessary steps, like:

  • Sanding all rough surfaces to ensure a smooth finish
  • Caulking all cracks and gaps
  • Patching and puttying all holes or damaged areas in walls, woodwork and trim
  • Priming all surfaces as necessary

Only after these steps are completed do we start the painting process. We then apply two coats of 100% acrylic paint, unless otherwise specified.

ExteriorKeeping the outside of your San Diego home is important to its curb appeal. We take the same care in setting up the area so that any surrounding landscaping or outdoor furnishings are protected from paint.

Just as with interior painting, proper prep is necessary for exterior paint projects. We’ll make sure the surfaces are ready to paint by completing the following steps first:

  • Clean the exterior walls with a professional grade power washer
  • Cover all areas and items with plastic, rosin paper, tape, or drop cloths
  • We will dig a minor trench 4-6 inches deep around your foundation to paint below the grade. This ensures that you won’t see a gap between the painted wall and the ground.
  • Patching all holes or damage to walls and trim
  • Caulking all cracks and gaps
  • Scraping of all loose paint and removing rust on metal
  • Priming all surfaces as necessary

Once preparation is complete, we’ll apply two coats of 100% acrylic paint unless otherwise specified.

Commercial Painting in San Diego

Ron Rice Painting offers both interior and exterior commercial painting to San Diego property owners and managers. We follow the same level of precision for our commercial clients. We place a great emphasis on preparation to ensure the finished product is perfect.

We know business operations cannot pause during a painting project, so we are flexible in our schedules. We can work nights and weekends to minimize the impact on your business.

Choose the San Diego Painting Experts

When you hire Ron Rice Painting & Consulting to paint your home or business, you’ll be hiring the best. We have the expertise and experience to provide the results you expect and deserve.

Give us a call today to learn how we can make your San Diego home or business look great again with a new paint job.

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