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Top paint colors to increase the value of your home


Before making the decision to sell your home, there are several things that you can perform to add value. When making color choice there are peculiar colors that make your home look more attractive. The most important thing is to paint your home on both the inside and the outside with the best colors.

Remember that, the general appearance of your internal and external walls will be determined by the color code. Repainting your home is the way to go as any utterances in the color of walls can change the general appearance of the room to look more appealing and attractive. When it comes to color selection, consider the element of trend as every section will require a unique touch that will enhance the overall appearance of a home.

The following are the best colors to paint your home walls and external surface to give value addition to your house.

1. External Walls

When you enter a home, the first impression is always the last impression. So the color code for external walls has to be carefully selected to reflect an attractive appearance to the buyer. It is advisable to use a blend of light gray and beige colors which are the most appropriate for external painting as they look more attractive. Homes that are painted with these colors appear more appealing than those homes whose external walls are painted with brown and tan colors which appear to be duller.

2. The Main Entrance Door

The main entrance door is one of the key attraction areas that the house buyer will see as soon as he enters the home compound. Think about some form of shade of colors such as navy blue, charcoal and dark gray among others. These are peculiar colors that blend well with bright external colors and will give the home an overall excellent appearance together.

3. The Kitchen

This is another very sensitive area to consider making informed decision when it comes to the choice of appropriate colors for painting. In most cases people assume that kitchens should be painted red or yellow by default as these two colors are well known as promotional agents for food brands such as Pizza Hut, and McDonalds among others. Nevertheless, the best choices come from blends of gray blue and light blue colors. Structures that are painted with these colors look more attractive as they reflect calmness and at the same time act as appetizers.

4. Relaxing Room

Usually most people would prefer neutral colors when it comes to their relaxing room. The most desirable colors for such places for most people are pale taupe, light beige or oatmeal. Such colors blend well with any type of decoration and they give the relaxing room an excellent feeling because they are not overwhelming or too vivacious.

5. The Main Dining Room

Despite the fact that the main dining room may only be used on special functions, you must ensure that it meets the minimum requirements for the purpose of attracting the buyer. The best paint alternatives for the main dining room are colors that blend well between a group of royal colors which include slate blue, navy blue and gray blue. You will notice that navy blue gives an attractive finish when applied to rustic and wooden surfaces within the room.

6. Bathroom and Lavatory

Bathroom and Lavatory are key areas that you cannot underestimate when it comes to marketing your house. They play an essential role in the ensuring privacy and comfort while running your daily cores at home. Needless to say, a home cannot be complete without a descent bathroom and lavatory facility. The most recommended colors for such sections are shades of periwinkle, powder blue and purple blue. The mentioned colors also work well with silver or white appliances which are mostly found within the restroom.

7. Sleeping Room

For a place that you spend most of your time in your lifetime, it just has to have the best colors. The color code for bedroom is very vital, as much as they are personal. Choose colors that will make the buyers ease and get an attraction to the home. Cooler colors that blend between cadet blue and light cerulean are the most preferable colors here.

While these are our color recommendations, consider them as general ideas and not rules cast on stone. However, implementing most of them will definitely increase the value of your home.


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