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How to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets in High Gloss

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Among the best ideas of reinvigorating your kitchen is using a gloss of fresh paint on the existing cabinets. A gloss cabinet repaint will not only reconfigure the look of your cabinets but also give your kitchen a whole new look. It will increase the value as well as the appeal of the kitchen too regarding its resale value.

The process of refinishing takes a lot of work. However, your efforts will pay when you look at the final results and, you would be like, “This looks new.” Not to forget, a cabinet repaint like this one will cost you far much less. So, what do you need to get things done and what is the process?

What You Will Need

Among the things you will need include:

•      Oil-based, high-gloss white paint   

•      Screwdriver

•      Nylon scourer

•      Deglosser

•      Dust mask

•      Wood putty

•      Plastic bag or container

•      Soft cloth

•      150-grit sandpaper

•      220-grit sandpaper

•      Painter’s tape

•      Paintbrush or roller

•      Drop cloths

•      Rubber gloves

•      Putty scrapper

•      Oil-based primer


The Preparation Process

After you have assembled all the required items, get to the main business. Start by removing the cabinet doors along with the handles and hinges. Keep these items in the plastic container or bag.

Using the deglosser, clean the cabinet thoroughly. Be sure to clean the inside and out well. Also, wear the rubber gloves and use the nylon scourer. For maximum safety, ensure to read and follow the deglosser usage instructions on the label.

Check whether the cabinet has any scratches, imperfections, or dents. If there are scratches or dents, you can use the wood putty to fill them. Check the appropriate drying times and allow the putty to dry.

Using the grit-150 sandpaper, sand all your cabinets. Be sure to have your dust masks on before you start sanding for your safety. Use a soft cloth to clean the sanding dust from the cabinets.

After this, you can mask off all the cabinets surroundings using the painter’s tape.  The tape is useful for protecting the walls. Also, use a drop cloth for covering the sinks, benches, and any top-bench appliances on sight.


The Painting Process

Using your painter’s brush, apply a coat of primer to the cabinets. You will do this by painting along the wood’s grain. If you want to use a roller, you must lightly press it to prevent the primer from bubbling. As indicated on the primer’s packaging labels, allow the primer-applied surfaces to dry within the stipulated time.

After the waiting time is over and the primer is dry, use the 220-grit sandpaper to sand the cabinets. Using a soft cloth, sand or clean the sanded area thoroughly. You can now apply another coat of primer with your brushes and give it some time to dry too.

The waiting period is over again, and the primer is dry enough. It is time to sand the cabinets yet again using the 220-grit sandpaper. You will also re-wipe the surface. After it’s clean-wiped, the same way you did with the primer, apply two coatings of high-gloss white paint.

Give the paint some time to dry while you sand between each coat application. You might find it tiring to sand between each coat, but it is crucial if you want to achieve a better, super-glossy, and glasslike finish.

Now you have the white gloss, all looking super-glossy. Ensure to give it at least two days to dry. Make sure it is dry enough not to stick to your fingers before you reattach the hardware or attach the cabinet doors. This wait time is to ensure that the paint gets enough time to cure well and will not get scratches while you are attaching the doors and hardware.

Always remember that do-it-yourself projects are bound to have flaws. Therefore, if you make one, do not tire to try it again. A DIY cabinet repaint is a trial and error process, yes if it’s your first time, but in the end, the results will pay off.


Modern high gloss cabinet refinishing is the way to go nowadays. If you have no money to engage professional, this will be the way to go by doing it yourself. It will also be a great way of taking your kitchen cabinets to a whole new level by transforming their look in the best way you prefer. But, if the odds are not in your favor when it comes to painting skill and talent, we highly recommend that you hire a professional painter.


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