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Should You Hire a Pro to Repaint Your Kitchen Cabinets?

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A kitchen with plain cabinets looks good but not good enough as compared to when the cabinet is painted and nicely polished. Painting your kitchen cabinet will cost you a little but the resulting impact is worth the effort; it gives your kitchen a new beautiful life and adds value to your kitchen.

Having a color of your choice well painted on your kitchen cabinet makes your kitchen ‘smarter’. Generally, painting requires some expertize to produce a perfect look, moreover, your kitchen requires more than just painting. It requires a color of your choice and a perfect stain that can work perfectly with the material of your cabinet so that no brush strokes are seen on the final product.

It also requires a protective coating evenly done so that your cabinets do not absorb moisture when water spills on them. Clearly, this require time, patience, schedule, and skills beyond DIY. Therefore, it is necessary to hire a professional painter to do your kitchen cabinet. In addition to painting, you can gain other services from the expert such as design format ideas for your kitchen from the professional hired.

Here are some reasons to consider hiring a professional to paint your kitchen cabinet


Any painting work requires attention to details which in most cases homeowners don’t have. Opting to do the painting of your kitchen cabinet by yourself without any prior experience in painting can result to high visible blotches, striations and brushstrokes. Who would like to see brushstrokes, striations, and blotches on kitchen cabinet? Properly no one, it is the will of each of us to have a perfectly done paint on our kitchen cabinets. Therefore it is necessary to have a professional to paint your kitchen cabinet since this will guarantee perfection.

Equipment required for painting

To have a painting job done, there are necessary equipment you must acquire first, these includes;

• Drop cloths – which will help to protect your kitchen floor from paint splashes during painting

• Grits of coarse, medium, and fine sandpaper – this will help in kitchen cabinet surface preparation before applying the paint.

• Paintbrushes – for paint application

• Roller – for paint application

• Roller cage – where the roller will be mounted for paint application

• Tray – for paint mix and preparations

• Stir stick – for stirring the paint during preparation

Having above mentioned tools is one thing and knowing how to use them is another issue. Knowing how to properly use the paint roller for instance can eliminate streaks on your kitchen cabinets. This can be done properly by a professional since they have skills on how to do it. Moreover, owning all the above mentioned tools for painting which you do once or twice a year is resource wasting since it requires space to store them and cash to purchase. Therefore hiring a professional to paint your kitchen cabinet is both a better deal and convenient for you.

Time to paint your kitchen cabinets

Painting your kitchen cabinet requires a lot time and therefore will necessitate inclusion in your schedule. First, the cabinet surface needs to be prepared by sanding and priming it and this will take you a fair amount of time. Next is painting your cabinet, usually you’re required to apply two coats on your surfaces and there must be time elapse between the coats. For someone attached to other activities such additional time scheduling will be unrealistic to meet. Don’t strain and stress up yourself, just hire a professional to do it and you will love the final look of your kitchen cabinet.

Dissatisfied with the look of your kitchen cabinet?

Sometimes you may do the painting of your kitchen cabinet and later discover that the color you used doesn’t appeal to anyone, including your cat. There is no problem, dissatisfaction is normal and change is always allowed to a color or stain of your choice, however, the process of implement that change can be quite tasking.

In such a case, you will be required to do a lot of sanding to get the cabinet surface ready for the new painting of your choice, this will be more tedious and time consuming than even the previous painting. You may be not like it. However, getting a professional to do your kitchen cabinet will be easier to ask for a change if you are not satisfies with the used color, professionals are have all the skills and the will and getting it painted again will not be such difficult.

Get a professional to do your kitchen cabinet painting and you will never get disappointed!


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