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Three Tips to Stay on Top of Your Commercial Painting Project

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The success or the failure of your commercial painting project does not fully depend on the knowledge of the painter or his skills and experience. It also depends on creating your budget and a well-detailed project plan.

Having a solid budget for your painting project is important. It allows you to create your spending strategy by starting with your priorities. And it should be what you want vs what you need. This gives you room to figure out your long-term goals and work towards them. If you spend your resources aimlessly chances are, you will run out of those resources before you finish your project. A good plan in place prevents you from spending all the money you have on things that you don’t really need.

1.    Come up with a detailed project plan

This is one of the most crucial steps which will determine your success or failure in the end. Create a plan that is self-explainable. Explain your plan clearly to your team. This will prevent small mistakes that can cost you more resources. Discuss your plan with your workmates and employees on when the project will be starting and when it will be completed.

You can also ask your employees to show you certain sections they want to be painted. It makes you know exactly what you are dealing with. You can also come up with a backup plan to help you to finish your work on time. A plan on weather changes could be nice where you can create a shelter to ensure that should there be any unexpected weather changes, you will still finish your project in time –trust me, a backup plan can be handy sometimes.

2.    Select the right tools for the job

This is the most important part as it will determine your budget costs and the time within the project should be completed. Focus on the high-quality tools, but they should be within your budget range. High-quality tools are the best because they give you an easy time in your painting and also deliver the best finishes and dries faster. Additionally, it gives you more time to do other projects and minimize the risks of paint failure which leads to longer lasting paint.

Nowadays paints are made by the manufactures to last longer. They are also not as hazardous as it used to be and will probably not inconvenience the occupants of the building. Investing in a top quality paint is important. It gives a good base coat for future paintings and renovations. High-quality tools are a long-term solution to cutting down on costs.

3.    Conduct a final inspection

Counter checking your projects is important for both the commercial paint instructor and the facility manager. The commercial paint instructor and the facility manager should perform this task together in a detailed discussion. This ensures everything is in check. It should include a closeout package and a project form, before and after pictures and how the paint should be maintained. This should then be handed over to the facility manager.

Proper attention while planning for your painting project is not the only key thing that is needed for a successful painting project. You also need a practical budget, setting your priorities right, skills and experience. Investing in high-quality tools will be cheaper in the long run. So always go for quality tools, it might seem expensive but it pays off in the end.

A detailed plan determines your success or failure. It’s important to come up with a step by step plan which should be self-explainable so that your team can easily understand it. It helps to avoid expensive mistakes which were caused by lack of proper communication.

It is important that you finish your project before your deadline. This gives you time to comfortably counter-check your painting project. Avoiding petty mistakes by counter checking your project will make you look smarter and well organized in front of your team and employers. A backup plan is always handy too. It ensures you finish your projects on time without major hiccups but it only works well if it’s well planned.


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