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Top 5 Reasons You Should Repaint Your House Exterior


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A brand new exterior repaint offers a wide range of benefits other than just making your house look pretty. Whether you’re interested in renovating a room or simply want a change of scenery, an exterior home repaint in San Diego, California is never a wrong move.

The fact is, painting will hold both functional and aesthetic benefits for your house. If you are giving consideration to a new home upgrade, here are good reasons why you should go ahead with your project.

1. Increase Value of Your Home

Most home upgrade projects tend to be quite costly with low return on investment. However, when it comes to repainting your home’s exterior, the amount you invest is a lot less than what you get in return. Repainting your exterior walls is one such effective investment.

The cost of hiring a professional exterior painter is usually overshadowed by the prospective increase in market value of your home. With good maintenance and regular home repaint, you can expect a return on investment of about 7-14%.

2. Protecting Your house from Elements

Severe weather elements can quickly take a toll on your home. Rain, wind, sleet, snow, pests, and even fire are just a handful of the natural elements that might possibly damage your house. But the best paint can stand up to these elements to some extent. Paint is more like a protective coating layer on the outer surface of your home.

Good quality paint can stop dampness from leaking into your home, which saves you from the ever increasing costs of repairing mold and mildew damages. The added protection layer will protect your wall from the effects of rainfall, frost and UV rays. It can even stop termites and other bugs from infesting your home.

3. Reveals Areas of Repair

While repainting your home’s exterior adds an extra layer of protection, the process of painting a home itself can be quite revealing. Exterior painting requires thorough scrutiny and preparation with procedures such as power washing, paint stripping and sanding having to be done before painting can commence.

All the preparation work that goes into an exterior paint job will most likely reveal the various flaws that require attention. The great thing here is that under most circumstances, a new paint job will fix the minor flaws you come across such as caulking minor cracks and treating mold. Major repairs such as replacing sections of the siding can also be done by either the painter or a separate handyman.

4. Improve Curb Appeal

If you’ve ever passed near a house and wished you lived in it, that is curb appeal in effect. Giving your exterior a fresh new look goes a long way in reflecting you an organized and clean homeowner. Most potential home buyers will also be primarily influenced by how your house looks on the exterior. They will carry their first exterior impression throughout the entire house viewing process.

Most people will assume that if the exterior is neglected with peeling, fading paint accompanied by traces of mold, the interior doesn’t have much to admire about. Step outside, walk around your house and asses the condition, if it’s any less visually appealing, it’s probably time for a new paint job.

5. Better aesthetics

Chances are when you moved into your new house, you didn’t like its original color as much. And even if you did, after staying in the same place for years looking at the same, gradually fading color, you might want some adjustment. Favorite color or not, your house needs a fresh new coat of paint every after a few years. This is also the best time to change your home’s paint color if you don’t like what you’ve been living with.

Residence painting brings aesthetic value that you can’t underestimate; you’ll see something newer as well as livelier each time you draw in the driveway, and that goes beyond a basic color option. With many different types of finishes now available, a fresh coat of paint can make your home siding seem newer and make your home outstanding in the entire neighborhood.

Bottom line

There’re many more benefits of repainting your home’s exterior, but as you can see from the above 5 main ones, it’s a project you can simply not regret executing. However, for you to actually gain the most benefits and the highest return on investment for your painting project, you should consider hiring a professional painter.


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