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6 Exterior Home Paint Colors to Avoid When Planning to Sell Your Home


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Planning to sell your home in San Diego, California anytime soon? You’ve probably been already advised that repainting the exterior of your home adds value to it and boosts its curb appeal. Indeed, the curb is everything when it comes to creating an exceptional first impression during house viewing. It can help you sell your home fast and still get a handsome offer out of it. But did you know that exterior painting during this time can be a double-aged sword?

There’re endless pages of information out there giving tips on the best exterior paint colors that will help sell your home fast. But nobody ever tells you what to avoid. In this article, we want to quickly talk about six pretty exterior home paint colors that might potentially scare away home buyers.Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Tree Green

This green color probably raises a red flag in your head already, right? While it’s a common practice to choose exterior paint colors that blend into the overall neighborhood, choosing a color that blends into your surrounding foliage is self-defeating.Darker shades of green will most likely recede into the front yard, making it more difficult for prospective buyers to admire, or even notice, your home. If you have a thing for deep green and you just can’t seem to leave it out of the picture, you can add a bit of it into the porch accents, or accent some of the less interesting things like the gutter.

2. Citrusy Green

Citrusy green lies on the opposite end of the green spectrum. Apple and lime green will certainly stand out in your neighborhood, but they will probably not appeal to most buyers. If green is your top favorite, don’t be heartbroken, you can go for the trendier sage, and you will still have the same effect.

3. Overpowering Purple

Purple houses radiate exceptional energy and excitement when cleverly used. This explains why the color is so popular with creative artists. But if you’re planning to sell your house any time soon, consider compromising for a more toned down, lighter version of purple.

4. Black

Black is a timeless exterior color option that creates a dramatic statement. However, painting the entire exterior of your house in black can be a turn-off instead of a welcoming. If you still need to achieve the same effect, consider a medium to dark gray with white trim, or incorporate black in accents like shutters or the front door. This will create a simple, yet exceptional, classical effect for your potential buyer to notice.

5. Bright Yellow

When certain lighter yellow shades are used on the exterior, they evoke a cheerful, happy tone. However, if you start transitioning towards sunflower or lemon yellow, your paint job might become overwhelming. If you’re determined to stick with this color family, we suggest that you try more toned down shade like pale straw.

6. Dark Brown

You will rarely go wrong with earthy tones, however, dark brown is one of those exceptions worth keeping off if you need your house to sell faster. Painting a whole house dark brown can result in a forbidding, uninviting look, just like black will do. Instead, consider softer shades of brown and tan as alternatives to brown if you still want to stick with an earthy tone. To brighten things up a little bit, you can use a white trim for a more inviting look.

Bottom Line

As you can see, the exterior color on your home can make or break the deal. Repainting alone is not enough, you still have to go ahead and learn about the colors to avoid –like the above six.


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