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Residential Painting San Diego: Choosing the Right Roller for Your Project


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If you’re planning for your next residential paint job, the paint roller is one of the essential tools you will need. The good old paint roller is ideal for painting large flat surfaces quickly and almost without effort.

It might be simple to work with a roller, but choosing one might prove to be a little complex. Here are some practical tips and considerations that will help you choose the right roller for your type of project;

The Handle

The handles are either made of wood or plastic and are designed to fit an extension. Unlike wooden handle, plastic handles don’t swell when washing and tend to last longer. However, in the end, whatever the choice of material, the most important thing is to choose a comfortable handle.

The Roller Frame

There are two types of roller frame reinforcements: the 4 or 5-pin reinforcement and the rod reinforcement with plastic bits or with nuts. The 4 or 5-pin frame is recommended because it supports the roller cover well over the entire length.

The stem frame with plastic tips is very popular because it is less expensive and offers good value for money. The rod with nuts frame is the cheapest, but it is more challenging to fix and remove the roller cover. It is also essential to make sure that the chosen frame turns smoothly and easily.

The Roller Cover/Sleeve

The roller cover is the cylinder or hollow tube wound with a pile of fabric. The right cylinders are designed so as not to soften, collapse, or become squishy one contact with the paint. The fabric on the roller cover can be natural (mohair, lambswool, lambskin) or synthetic (polyester, nylon, dacron).

Natural fabric is used for oil-based paints, while the synthetic fabric is ideal for latex paints. The type, composition, and density of the fibers largely determine the texture of the paint finish.

It is not easy to judge the quality of a roller cover at a glance or first purchase. An inferior quality sleeve will give poor results. With a little experience or the help of a professional, you will be able to choose the right quality at the right price.

The Tray

Trays are typically rectangular and often made of plastic, although metal trays are also available. It consists of a flat-bottomed part that holds the paint and an inclined portion, with grooves, which serve to spread the soaked paint on the roll. Choose a sturdy tub that will not move when you dip the roller into the paint.

Hair Length And Sleeve Width

There are short, medium, and long hair sleeves. The choice of hair length will depend on the texture of the surface to be painted.

• 5 to 10 mm (short hairs) –Smooth surfaces: interior wall, wallboard, plaster, floor.

• 10 to 15 mm (medium hairs) –Rough surfaces: stucco, concrete block, textured finish, brick.

• 20 to 30 mm (long hairs) –Coarse textured surfaces: irregular surface, ash block.

Width of sleeves –The two popular formats are:

• 190 mm (7 inches)

• 240 mm (9 inches)

Some Quick Tips about Paint Rollers

• Always buy the best rollers and sleeves possible. They will last much longer and will give you great results. Poor quality rollers can break quickly and leave residue in your paint.

• Try different brands of paint roller frames to make sure the handle is comfortable. If you paint a lot, a roller frame with a comfortable handle will prevent you from blistering.

• Do not apply excessive pressure when using a roller: a uniform and light pressure is enough.

• Remove the roller sleeve immediately after painting.

• Use soap and water to clean after using latex paint. Hold the sleeve under water and use your hand to remove the paint. Repeat until there is no more paint, then let it dry. Do not let the sleeve soak in water for too long.

There you go! I hope the above tips and considerations come in handy when choosing and using your paint roller.

If you need professional help with your next residential painting project in San Diego, Ron Rice Painting would love an opportunity to be your favorite residential. We offer color consultation along with residential and commercial painting services in San Diego and other surrounding areas.

To give us a try, call us on 619-208-448.

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