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Exterior Painting in San Diego: Cost-Saving Tips


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At Ron Rice Painting & Consulting, we offer some of the most affordable and reliable exterior painting services in San Diego. But still, when we issue painting estimates to some of our customers, they often request for a price cut.

 To be honest, exterior painting can be quite costly, especially if you have a large house that hasn’t been painted in years. However, to get the best deal on your project, you don’t necessarily have to go for the cheapest painter in town or buy low-cost inferior paint supplies. Below are quick cost-saving tips if you’re planning for an exterior painting project on a tight budget. Read on

1.     Hire A Painting Contractor

Well, hiring a professional might not come right out as a cost-saving move, but it is. A few homeowners have attempted DIY exterior home painting with rather far more costly outcomes. Painting the entire home exterior is a large project that requires a lot of time, effort, and the right tools.

During DYI painting, there is plenty of room for things to go wrong. For instance, you could buy the wrong type of paint, forget to prime or paint on a wet surface. All these and more could lead to premature paint failure and the need to repaint or touch up. Hiring a professional painter will help you avoid such costly mistakes by getting everything right the first time.

2.   Consider Multiple Bids

Consider interviewing at least three painting contractors and invite painting estimates from each of them. The idea is not to pick the cheapest painter on the list. Instead, you want to go for an estimate the covers all your painting needs, offers value for money, and it’s reasonably priced.

3.   Do some of the Chores

Most of the exterior painting cots go towards labor, more specifically, surface preparation. The contractor might not say it, but most projects are priced based on the number of hours required, plus the cost of supplies. So if you can offer to do some of the chores, you may significantly lower the overall cost of the project. Some of the tasks you could offer to take on include clearing the perimeter around the house, taping power outlets, washing the siding, paint stripping, sanding, moving furniture, etc.

4.   Buy Your Own Paint

Painting contractors typically provide paint during most painting projects. However, most of them often add a small markup on the original price of the, maybe to compensate for the hassle of sourcing for it. Consider buying paint directly from the paint store, and you might shave off a few dollars on the cost of supplies. But, make sure to consult with the contractor in advance for advice on the best paint formulation, color, and amount for your project.

5.   Book Multiple Projects at once

If you’re considering having your exterior, deck, fence, and maybe the kitchen cabinets painted in the next three months, plan to have them all painted at once. Doing so will lower the overall cost of each individual project since some of the tasks such as estimating, planning, shopping for supplies, and even actual painting can be bundled together.

The Bottom Line

Exterior home painting might sound like an expensive project, but the cost of not painting your home for too long is even much higher. Using a reliable and experienced painting contractor, as well as high-quality painting material, is a first step to keeping the costs of painting down.

If you haven’t identified a professional painter yet, Ron Rice Painting would love an opportunity to be your favorite residential painter in San Diego. We offer color consultation along with residential and commercial painting services in San Diego.

To give us a try, call us on 619-208-448.

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