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How home interior Color Choices Affect Your Mood

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Your home is the only space you can find the finest comfort and relaxation than other places in the world. It can be your heaven on earth if you decorate your home beautifully with decent colors and designs. While the design is important to catch attention, colors play one of the important roles to improve your mood. We all know that a fine residential place can give mental peace and improve productivity. According to color psychology, colors can play an immense role in human’s mood.

Different colors have a different effect on us. Usually, we don’t take this “color effect” matter seriously during home painting or furnishing. But the truth is, color has the direct influence on your personality, mood, and thoughts. You should always be choosy while picking a color for your home interior. Although everyone wants to decorate their home with their favorite color, still they should know that color effect before finalizing their home interior.

Colors are usually classified in some basic ways like active, passive or neutral. Light colors are ethereal and frank. This type of colors make rooms seem shiny and bigger. On the other hand, dark colors are fervent and sophisticated. You should choose the better-suited colors and type for your room according to your desires and color effect sense.

Effects of some common colors are briefly explained below:


Green color is the color of healing and peace. Especially for living rooms, green is the best color selection for its tranquility. You can also pick green for your bedrooms. It can produce inner peace in your mind and control anger. With the green touch on your home walls, you may become more effective in controlling your mind thus help you balance your life with perfection. Light-green can be best for your bedrooms while yellow-greens can be more suitable for your living room or office space.


The red color is a difficult color choice for your interior. This color is usually associated with powerfulness and excitement. It can trigger stress and hunger which doesn’t make it the best color choice of areas like the bedroom. But as for its hunger association, red can be the better-suited color for your kitchen or dining space. It’s also the perfect choice for workout room as red is the color of power and strength. But if you’re in diet situation, then red should be the choice of color for your dining area.


Blue is the symbol of calm and stability. It is the standard color choice for your living room or study room. Blue can improve learning quality of your kids which makes it the best choice for study room. The color blue also creates a comfortable, peaceful, calm setting. It slows down the heart and respiration rate, boosts one’s productivity and establishes a calm mind. The blue color is generally a relaxing color that better suited for your bedrooms, bathrooms, office space and living space.


Yellow has been shown to stimulate thinking and improve metabolism. It can brighten up the room color and make you feel more freedom in your life. The yellow color is the best choice for your living room and bathrooms. Yellow can also influence on your confidence level, it increases your ability of taking the risk and stay happy life. It is the symbol of youth and optimism. So you can easily grab a yellow shade of your favorite color and transform your interior.


White colors are common color when it comes to cleanliness and exactitude. That is why the white color is most commonly used color in interior home decoration. White is the best choice for the corporate spaces. But you can also use this color for your bathroom and dining rooms. White is not the best option for the kid’s living room or kitchen. But still white color is a modern and sophisticated color that can increase your cleanliness in any living space.

There are also a lot of other colors that can be better suited for your home decoration. However, the colors mentioned above are the probably the most popular and easy to work with when transforming your interior space. Let your mind roam free, be imaginative and pick the right color that can improve your life with a positive temperament.


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