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How to hide scratches on wooden furniture in San Diego, Ca


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If you’ve had wooden furniture in your living space for a while, the chances are that you’ve accumulated at least a couple of nicks and scratches on the surface.

In this article, we will be sharing some tips on how to get rid of the scratches and nicks from your furniture. These tips work for pretty much any type of wooden piece –it could be your wooden coffee table, chair, bench, kitchen cabinets, or bookshelf.

Have a look;

1. Iodine

If your table is a dark wood finish, reach for the iodine, an antiseptic solution you can find at most pharmacies. Take a cotton swab and apply a few drops of iodine into the scratch, then immediately wipe away the excess, so it doesn’t stain the surrounding wood.

Remember, always start by cleaning the furniture using a cloth dampened with a mild cleaning detergent.

2. Felt.

You can dye the scratches with a felt to hide them. These are available in a wide range of wood tones at DIY stores and hardware stores. Use the felt only on the scratches. Be sure to immediately wipe any marks inadvertently on the undamaged parts of the furniture.

3. Black tea.

You can hide the scratches by dyeing them with black tea. Avoid using herbal teas or green tea because they do not provide the necessary woody tones.

• Place the tea bag in a glass and add about 30 ml of hot water.

• Let it infuse for at least 2 minutes. If your wood is a very dark color, let it infuse for at least 3 minutes. The more tea you infuse, the darker you get.

• Soak a cotton swab with the solution and dab the scratches to dye them.

• Immediately wipe the tea inadvertently applied to the area around the scratch with a piece of paper towel. This will avoid tainting undamaged wood.

4. Instant coffee

Another one for darker-stained wood finishes: Try making a thick paste with instant coffee granules and a little bit of hot water, then cover the scratch with it. Remove unwanted, excess grounds from the wood surface and dry it with a towel.

5. Shelled Walnut.

Oils from nuts have the ability to make superficial scratches almost invisible. Simply rub the shelled nut on the scratch to hide it.


Furniture oils and waxes often leave a thin film of oil that picks up dust. You can clean your wooden furniture by wiping it with a damp cloth.

Superficial scratches can sometimes be hidden by applying a mineral oil-based paste using pumice. For best results, gently rub the paste on the scratch with extra-fine steel wool.

6. Professional Help

You don’t have to call a professional at the first sign of a scratch on your furniture. However, if your furniture or kitchen cabinets have been excessively scratched, nicked, or stained, you need professional restoration.

A professional can restore your furniture or cabinets by re-painting, re-staining, or refinishing them.

If you need any help with residential painting and restoration projects like this, our team at Ron Rice Painting can help. We offer color consultation along with residential and commercial painting services in San Diego and other surrounding areas.

To give us a try, call us on 619-208-448.

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