December 13

Instead Of Replacing Your Cabinets, Repaint Them, In San Diego, CA


You might think that it is necessary to replace your cabinets if they look sufficiently worn that they are noticeably lesser in quality than when you first had them installed but it might be a better idea to repaint your cabinets in San Diego, CA.

From a price perspective you are looking at saving a lot of money when you paint the cabinets rather than replace them.

Here are some tips and thoughts about repainting your cabinets rather than replacing them.

Painting your cabinets is the cheapest option when considering if you should replace them or even to reface them instead.

Replacing your cabinets of course will cost the absolute most amount of money because first you have to either spend the time to remove all of old cabinets yourself or to pay a professional organization to remove the cabinets.

Then once you have removed the cabinets you will need to have new cabinets selected that will replace the old ones and that takes time as well.

The installation of the cabinets takes either a good cabinet installer or at least a few good friends that can help you do it because cabinets are not something you are going to want to install on your own.

Compare all of this effort with what you would spend in painting the cabinet.

It is estimated that the cost of painting cabinets is about a third of the cost of replacing them, and this is not even taking into consider all of the other previously mentioned factors.

The Caveat

There are actually exceptions to the rule that you should consider repainting your cabinets rather than replacing them.

Of course, the exceptions have to come with their own exceptions, so bear this in mind.

It is entirely possible that you will look at your kitchen cabinets, for example, and decide that you are not enchanted with the look of the doors at all.

If this is the case, you would want to replace the doors to the cabinets, which is still far preferable to replacing the cabinets entirely.

If you need any help with residential painting and restoration projects like this, our team at Ron Rice Painting can help. We offer color consultation along with residential and commercial painting services in San Diego and other surrounding areas.

To give us a try, call us on 619-208-448.


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