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7 Tips For Dealing With Exterior Mildew in San Diego, CA


7 Tips For Dealing With Exterior Mildew in San Diego, CA

People commonly associate mildew with the bathroom — a troublesome thing that needs removing whenever it springs its ugly head.

What they don’t realize is that mildew can make its way to places that are not the bathroom — the exterior of your home, for example.

When you find yourself face to face with mildew on the exterior of your home, you need to take action — and for that, this article will shed some light and mildew busting advice.

Here then are seven tips for dealing with exterior mildew in San Diego, CA.

  1. Wear Protective Clothing

You should wear protective clothing whenever you do any kind of work around the house but in particular you should definitely wear protective clothing when you are dealing with mildew.

Mildew is a rather insidious thing and you don’t want it staining or ruining your actual clothing and then have to give that a proper washing as well.

It wouldn’t hurt to wear a pair of safety goggles as well – you only have the one set of eyes, right?

2. Test First

Let’s say you have a state of the art mildew removing formula — it could be one that you made or one that you bought in a store or perhaps online.

Before you use it to spray all over the mildew that’s on your exterior, test it out first with a small area.

You never know how well the solution is going to work and if it will indeed be the solution to your problem, so to speak.

Once you test it and see that it works, you can use it on a larger area.

3. Scrub The Mildew From Bricks

Mildew that grows between bricks is an ugly thing but it can be removed.

What you’re going to want to do is to prepare a solution of one cup of bleach to one gallon of water.

Take a stiff brush that is for sure not made of wire / is not synthetic and use the solution to scrub the mildew from between your bricks.

After that, try to spray your bricks annually to keep mildew off of the exterior of your home.

4. Mildew Resistant Paint

The next time you need to paint your home, perhaps you should consider a mildew resistant paint.

Mildew resistant paint comes in a rainbow of colors and is preferable if you find yourself regularly dealing with mildew.

5. Prevent Mildew With Regular Washing

You might think that preventing mildew on the exterior of your home must be an imposition and that it just isn’t possible for the average person.

This is not the case at all — with an annual washing of your home, you can go a long way to prevent mildew.

6. Stone Mildew Cleaning

Cleaning mildew from the exterior of your stone home is as simple as making a solution of soap and water and then scrubbing it.

Once the mildew has been scrubbed with soap and water you can rinse it all off with water.

7. Make Inspection A Monthly Thing

Even with all of the other precautions you should still make inspection of your home for mildew a regular thing.

The sooner you can spot and treat the mildew, the better.

Even if you can only inspect your home once every two months, it is still significantly better than if you only inspect your home once a year, because mildew has a tendency to build up over time and it is better to catch it while it is still young, so to speak.

If you need any help with mildew removal, our team at Ron Rice Painting can help. We offer consultation along with residential and commercial painting services in San Diego and other surrounding areas.

To give us a try, call us on 619-208-448.


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