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How to Paint Exterior Trim like a Pro in San Diego, CA


How to Paint Exterior Trim like a Pro in San Diego, CA

When you are painting the exterior trim it usually means that you are nearly done painting the exterior of your home.

That being true, you can on occasion run into some hiccups to make the process a bit difficult, so to speak.

Just because it is the smallest part of the painting process doesn’t mean that it will necessarily be the easiest part of the painting process.

With this in our mind, let us look at and consider how to paint exterior trim like a pro in San Diego, CA.

  1. Now Is The Chance To Use Vivid Colors

If you are normally timid when it comes to your color choices but you would like to use some vivid colors, the trim of your home is the opportunity to do exactly that.

There isn’t a need use a lot of the color, but you will get quite a lot of excitement out of the little that gets used.

You can show off your ability to use the more interesting colors in the color palette when you choose one of them for use for the trim.

2. Color Of The Year

Are you familiar with the notion of Pantone’s Color Of The Year?

Every year, the company Pantone which is most closely associated with color matching systems chooses a so-called color of the year for the following year which somehow captures the spirit of the year.

If you are not painting your entire home but rather are only touching up the exterior trim, it might be a good chance for you to choose the color that happens to be the Pantone Color of The Year for that particular year.

Just as an example, if you happen to want to paint the exterior trim of your home in 2020 the color that you would go with would be Classic Blue, the color that was selected for 2020 by Pantone.

3. Use Color Swatches In Your Home Area As Well

It is all well and good that colors you think look good do so when you are browsing color selections online.

Just because a color selection looks good online does not mean that it will actually look good when it comes time to painting the exterior trim of your home.

It is far better an idea for you to use color switches from the paint store to make sure that the color you are considering is going to look good on your home.

It isn’t even enough to look at paint switches in the store, even — as a paint switch can look good under the lights of the store but might not look as good when it is on the exterior trim of your home.

4. Start In The Right Place

The exterior trim paint job can start anywhere but ideally you are going to want to start with your window sills as well as your frames.

There are many other places you might consider starting but really, the best places to start painting the exterior trim are these.

Once you have finished painting the window sills and frames you can move onto the other parts of the exterior trim of your home.

5. Don’t Forget Your Door!

Your door is one of the best and most important parts of the exterior you are going to want to paint above all else when you are looking to paint the exterior trim of your home.

Painting your door can do a lot when it comes to your curb appeal, and is an important step.

You can also choose a fun and funky contrasting color for your door that people might not have otherwise have expected for the rest of the house.

If you need help repainting your exterior, Ron Rice Painting can help. We’ve been doing the exterior residential painting in San Diego for decades and would like to add you to our long list of happy clients. Call us on 619-208-4482 to get started.


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